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Written by Queena on 19. Nov, 2018
A lot of interesting information, keep up the good :)
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Written by Skyla on 27. Jun, 2018
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Written by Bella on 31. Jan, 2017
Interesting is that the search engines are so many old underrated websites.
Written by Miss Sophie Barlow on 4. Nov, 2013
Hi to Sue & all you Borzoi lovers out there!!,i am the proud owner of 2, 17 month old borzoi's,at the moment i"m struggling with my male,as he is suffering from nervous aggression,due to been bitten at 8 months.I have to muzzle him and walk him late at night!!!.I've tried a trainer,but no joy as yet.I WILL NOT GIVE UP .Keep up the good work Sue,regards Sophie...
Written by Terri Nixon on 3. Jan, 2013
Hi Sue you probably don't remember me. I wrote up some of your rescue stories for the 'Our Dogs' paper back in the 80's. I remember how upset we both got over 'Rags' I guess by now there will be so many more who have lots to thank you for! Bless you!
Written by Lorraine Harvey on 13. Jan, 2011
Wow Sue - great site! Just found it by accident. Can I put a link to it on my own site, and The Borzoi Club website?
Written by Rosalind Priest on 8. Jan, 2011
Nice site Sue. Keep up the good work, the rescue zois need you.

Rosalind and the Boyz
Written by Gaynor Davies on 4. Dec, 2010
Well done. Its all your fault! If we hadn't worked together all those years ago, I would not be a hopeless Borzoi addict now with at least two rescue Borzoi's under my belt
Written by mo stewart on 4. Dec, 2010
congratulations on your new site
Remember, 10 yrs ago when you asked me to "foster" half a borzoi, well hes still here, as you know, and going strong and still as big a pratt as he ever was THANKS SUE, not just for dilly but for all that you do on a daily basis Bless you.... Dilly does xxxx

Latest comments

25.10 | 09:02

Hello , I'm enquiring about the borzoi pup , is it still available to be lovingly re-homed , I hope so
I live in Whitby
I have 2 older children


24.10 | 11:30

There is a young 18 month old male Borzoi for adoption at Greyhound Gap rescue.
Hope someone can help.

01.10 | 08:25

Hi,Im looking for a young male Borzoi, I live in Spain but will collect and can give you details about our home etc, thanks,

21.07 | 18:46

Do you have any young borzoi girls? I'm looking for a companion for my 10 month old borzoi girl (Mabel). We live in mid-Wales and have a large garden.

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